The Costume Shop

For a really long time I, Suzan Alberts, have been thinking if we need another clothing brand. As an vegetarian, earth-loving human: I did not think so.

There are already so many brands and waste of materials that I feel really bad launching a new brand. But I want to make a statement: You don’t need a new item every month. Waiting on trends and just wearing items a few months before throwing them out. What if I could create something that you can wear and enjoy for a very long time.

Also: Suits nowadays are still not comfortable and working as a photographer: I think we can do better for women. As a businesswomen I want to look powerfull. I want to look like I know my shit but yet be able to move. This was my biggest challenge. Either the fabrics weren’t comfortable or the colors were boring. Working as a fulltime photographer: I MOVE A LOT. And I was only able to wear sweaters and jogging pants for a loooooong time.

So what if I had a few suits that I could wear to work everyday? Styling it up with a blouse or a t-shirt? What if there is clothing brand that provides suits for women that not only look good but also feel good?

This is why I started The Costume Shop: I want to empower women. I want them to look like a boss and feel like a boss. And I want to show the world that we don’t need more trends; we need style. With a variety of suits: Pick your own style, look good and feel good.

With love,